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Premium Beef

Grilled Beef


We import beef  from many countries such as Argentina, Australia,
New Zealand, Japan, 
Uruguay, Nicaragua, Brazil, USA, to serve customers

Korean Barbecue


Pork is one of the favourite food in Thailand, very popular

among Thai dishes. We bring in some food items such as pork liver, pork uteri , pork diaphragm, particularly for food service customers


We carefully selected seafood product from good source and qualified producers, meeting global standard in food safety such as HACCP , BRC, to ensure high quality products to offer to our customers.


French Fries

French Fries are well demanded by customer in all chanels. We offer several cuts including shoestring, straight cut, crinkle cut, smiley hash brown, tater tots.

French Fries

Surimi Product

In this category, the company imports many types of surimi & fishball products for example, salmon fishball, Lobster Flavoured Fish Ball, Fisro, Seafood Tofu, Cheese Fish Tofu, Crab Stick, and many more.

Delicious Bento Box

Value Added

We serve some value added products to Japanese restaurants such as gyuza, takoyaki, chicken skewered, fried chicken, cheese ball, cheese stick, tempura, salmon skewered etc.

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Quality Food Planet Co.,Ltd.

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Quality Food Planet Co.,Ltd
Head Office : 
7 Soi Thianthalay 7 Yak 1, Bangkhunthian-Chaytalay Rd,
Samaedam,Bangkhunthian,Bangkok 10150

Branch : 000001
102/13 M.2 Tambon Bangsaothong Amphur Bangsaothong
Samutprakarn 10570

Quality Food Planet Co.,Ltd

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