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Beef Meats

The Company imports beef from several countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Argentina, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Brazil. As you know, beef from different origins will show their own characteristic and taste. Cattles are selected from different grades such as Grassfed, Grainfed, Angus Beef, Wagyu Beef for example. Different cuts which are imported including: 

  • Striploin

  • Cuberoll (Rib Eye)

  • Tenderloin

  • Chuck Roll

  • Brisket Navel End

  • Oyster Blade

  • Rib Plates

  • Short Plates

  • Top Side

  • Silver Side

  • Knuckle

  • Shin / Shank

  • Cheek Meat

  • Head Meat

Beef Offal

We also supply our customers with those beef By-Products. Thailand is one of important countries where a lot of beef offals are consumed. You may have seen those products in several Thai cuisine such as Beef Noodle, Beef Spicy Soup, Stirfry, Spicy Salad, Grills, or event just boil and dip in spicy sauce. List of beef offals which we import are:

  • Beef Lips

  • Beef Tendons

  • Beef Small Intestine

  • Beef Large Intestine

  • Beef Liver

  • Beef Spleen

  • Beef Lungs

  • Beef Thick Skirt

  • Beef Omasum

  • Beef Abomasum

  • Beef Tripe with Honey Comb

  • Beef Gall Bladder

  • Beef Placenta

  • Beef Mix Offals

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