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Surimi Products and Fish Ball Series

We represents the leading surimi product brand imported from Malaysia namely "Mushroom Brand". The products are offering to direct sale to end users, retails, and E-commerce channels. Customer enjoy them in several way, like Hot Pot, Sukiyaki, Steam, Oven bake, or BBQ on skewer. Product range includes:

  • Seafood Tofu

  • Cheese Fish Tofu

  • Fish Sandwich

  • Lobster Fish Ball

  • Salmon Fish Ball

  • Fisro

  • Hors claws

  • Crab Nuggets

  • Oborotsuki

  • Mini Chikuwa

  • Big Chikuwa

  • Fish Ball Small

  • Fish Ball Medium

  • Steamboat Selection

  • Steam Boat Snow Crab

  • Imitation Crab Stick

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